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Below I describe one by one all my available packs and services. Enjoy! 😋💦

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Here's a little sneak peek of my content. Of course, once you pay, you'll see my most explicit content 🔥😈

Telegram Vip

♥️ TELEGRAM VIP you receive every day a lot of different videos: naked pics, masturbating (but not with masturbation with my pussy wide open), lesbian videos, Nudes, hot audios while touching myself, and much more!🔥 It's not a group channel, I send the messages INDIVIDUALLY, directly to you. Also, you can take part in the PRIZE DRAW FOR A CHANCE TO FUCK WITH ME Jan 11th. If you don't live in Bs As, Argentina we could make a Videocall. 🎁🤑☝🏼 I do not send explicit porn, for that you can check out CelebTV and OnlyFans 💣🥳

Jesy Fux - Telegram VIP

CelebTV / OnlyFans

Celeb.TV, as well as Only Fans, is the only place where you'll see my videos with men, I don't sell content with men in any other place. Both Celeb.TV and Only Fans are channels where you subscribe on a monthly basis and have instant access to more than 300 videos of amateur porn having explicit sex with both men and women. I upload a new video every day!

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Jesy Fux - CelebTV


Videocall is a live exclusive show for you in which we can both interact, so you can see me touching myself and I see you as well. In case you don't want to show me your face, you can just turn off your camera and have a peek at me touching myself and playing with toys while you touch yourself.💦 Duration: 11 minutes approx.

Jesy Fux - Videocall

Pack 2021

This new pack has a total of 39 explicit pics (you see everything!) and 13 XXX videos between 2 and 5 minutes each, including lesbian videos, playing with toys and anal stimulation, sexual with penetration, and oral sex 💦

Jesy Fux - Pack 2021

Video 9min masturbation

The video is almost 9 min stimulating myself, talking dirty, playing with my ass, using my dildo while you see close-ups of my VERY wet pussy 💦🔥✨

Jesy Fux - 9min Video mastubation

21 minutes Video

AMAZING FUCKING 🔥 He sucks my pussy and he touches me 'till I tremble. Then, he fucks my really hard and I swallow all his cum 💦💦 21min vid!!

Jesy Fux - 21 minutes video

Pack School Girl 2020

This is a top-notch quality image set consisting of 237 pics in which pic by pic I tell a story of a school girl getting horny fantasizing with her teacher. Of course, she couldn't resist and ended up sucking his dick. You'll be able to see everything in very close shots, that it will make feel like I'm sucking yours 🙊🔥. As optional, you may wanna buy the pack with an additional video of me touching my pussy while wearing a school girl's outfit.

With video:

Without video:

Jesy Fux - Pack School Girl 2020

Customized Hot Video Greeting

Hot customized video greeting wearing lingerie or showing boobs. 1 min video duration. DM me before paying for longer videos or more explicit ones. 💝

Showing tits:

In lingerie:

Jesy Fux - Customized Video

Customized Video

Customized video of the fantasy you always dream about. You tell me your name, and what you'd like me to wear and hear so I make your dream come true.

8 minutes video:

5 minutes video:

Jesy Fux - Customized Video

Zing Pack

This is a customized pack including 5 nude pics, all of them with your name 🔥 You may also would like to buy an additional customized video that you may wanna give to a friend of you, or just have another one for yourself.

Pics + Video:

Only pics:

Jesy Fux - Zing Pack

Pack with Cuchi

This features my friend Cuchi Laino, is a lesbian pack where we touch ourselves and we both make out passionately, it includes 9 videos, about 2 or 3 minutes each plus a set of 30 pics 🔥💣 You may also choose buying half the content to a more affordable price.


Half the content:

Jesy Fux - Pack with Cuchi

Lesbian Threesome Pack

This lesbian threesome pack has 14 EXPLICIT videos (3 or 4 minutes duration) and also an 11 minutes video playing with my friend, with very hot dildos! ♥️🔥

Jesy Fux - Pack Lesbian Threesome

Lesbian Pack

This lesbian pack has 15 explicit videos where I naughty play with 5 different friends. Videos are between 1 and 2 minutes long. 😈

Jesy Fux - Lesbian Pack

School Girl Pack

This pack includes 20 pics dressed as school girl plus 3 videos. In one of those videos you'll see everything of me while I touch myself, the other video is a very sensual strip-tease of 3 minutes long 💦🔥

Jesy Fux - School Girl Pack

Fantasies Pack

This pack includes 7 videos of among 3 and 5 minutes each, where I take all my clothes off and I touch myself. You'll see me play different roles and custumes in each video: sexy nurse, innocent maid, hot secretary, kinky little girl, playful kitty, naughty school girl, and cute bunny. 🥵🔥

Jesy Fux - Fantasies Pack

Pussy Pack

In this pack is dedicated exclusively to my little pussy! It includes 15 pics of my most intimate and beautiful part of my body 🐰As an optional, you can add a video masturbating me 💦

Pics + Video:


Jesy Fux - Pussy Pack

School Girl Video

8 minutes video of duration masturbating myself and having double penetration using dildos. Dressed as a school girl, I start by playing with my finders in my ass, then I insert myself an anal plug. At the end of the video I double penetrate myself with dildos until I cum having a EXTREME SQUIRT ORGASM 💦

Jesy Fux - School Girl Video

Anal Dildo Video

This is a 6 minutes anal video where I play with a dildo in my ass 🍑. I perform a variety of sexual positions for you, to make you see my pussy getting extremely wet while I penetretate my butt💦🔥

Jesy Fux - Anal Dildo Video

Pack with Pau Rojas

This pack features Pau Rojas and it has 12 pics y 10 videos where we play together, we touch our pussies ourselves, XXX videos with strap-on and oral sex 💦🔥

Jesy Fux - Pack with Pau Rojas

Submissive Pack

This packs has 14 pics + 7 videos where I'm tided up and submissive. One of the best videos is one being penetrated by a female friend of mine with a strap-on🔥 ps: (non physical violence) ☺️

Jesy Fux - Pack Submissived

Foot Fetish Pack

16 pics of my foot. Pics are all in different poses, plus 4 videos (more than 10 minutes total) where I touch my foot and I leak them, foot job, and I show them while I'm masturbating 🔥😋 I got horny so so much in this pack, this is one of most favorite fetishisms so I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much I did doing it!!🙌🏼🥵

Jesy Fux - Foot Fetish Pack

Soft Pack

This pack includes pics, erotic videos, hot audios where I talk about my fantasies as if I were next to me. There're plenty of nudes, lesbian content with my female friends, licking dildos, strip tease and much more! 🥵

4 audios, 28 pics, 44 videos:

2 audios, 15 pics, 15 videos:

Jesy Fux - Soft Pack

Pack with Mica Lolita

This is a pack of 16 explicit videos with a lot of lesbian sex, strap on and two super hot videos sucking dick to two different guys between the two of us in a extremely horny threesome 👯‍♀️🍆🔥 You also have the option to buy it without the threesome (14 videos!) to a more affordable price.



Jesy Fux - Pack 2020

Video with Mica Lolita

TWO VERY explicit lesbian sex video of 11 minutes duration along with Mica Lolita. Then, a huge tasty cock appears and we suck it very naughtily 🔥🍆😋

40 Jesy Fux - Video with Mica Lolita

JOI (Guided Masturbation)

JOI (Guided Masturbation) DOMINANT 🍆🥵🔥 If you're submissive and you want me to give you orders, this is the video for you 💦 One 11 minutes video where I guide your mastubation being your master, and I'll be clear that you won't cum until I allow it 😈 I will take you to the almost cum a few times, but only the last time I allow you to cum that for you will ENJOY IT 🤤🔥💦

Jesy Fux - JOI (Guided Masturber)

Pack with Eve Santichia

Pack of videos with Evelyn Santichia. There're 9 minutes of erotic videos in which I suck her tits, perform very naughty fore playing, we suck a dildo between the two of us, and we masturbate for you to see 🔥

Jesy Fux - Pack with Eve Santichia